Summer fun

22 Jul

My brother came to visit last week. I was super excited for his visit, but i hadn’t planned anything, which is very unlike me! My brother flew in thursday morning, but I didn’t get see him till Friday morning because of my work and school schedule. While I was waiting for him I started to come up with some plans. I originally wanted to get him some sailing lessons as he had talked about doing that before, but when I started calling around, I quickly realized that all places were booked – makes sense, it is summer.  My fault – I should have planned earlier.  There were all kinds of living social and groupon deals earlier this year also.. O well.  Next time.  So I kept researching.  I definitely wanted to do something on the water.

I looked into renting boats, but for most rentals – you need a boaters license.  Which neither DH nor I have.  So my research continued until I found a post from which listed fun summer activities on the water.  One of the activities included renting a pontoon at Lake Anna in VA.  The best part was you didn’t need a boaters license.  So I called and they luckily had one boat left for Sunday.  I wanted to double check with the family before I booked anything.  So I prayed that the boat stayed available.  Later that day I was able to call and reserve.  I was excited, but a little unsure.  No one  I had spoken with had been to Lake Anna before and I didn’t know what to expect.

Sunday came around, and after a 2 hour drive we arrived at Lake Anna.  We checked in with the marina and were shown to our boat.  The pontoon was actually pretty nice, and big.  We brought our furbaby, and had 6 people total.  The pontoon could apparently fit 10 people, but I am not so sure about that.  We purchased a tube and some rope, loaded the boat with our towels, cooler, etc.  And took off.  DH did most of the driving, it was actually fairly easy.  At least it sounded easy, I didn’t actually get a chance to drive the boat.  The weather was perfect too, in the mid – high 80′s.  We didn’t really know where we were going, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find our way back.  But we did and had an amazing time.  Here are some pics of our adventure!

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