Taji hates the vet

17 Jun


Taji had a vet appointment today. He hasn’t been in awhile, mostly because he hasn’t been sick – which is amazing. Last year I think we were going in every month and that got pretty expensive. If you remember, Taj has been on allergy shots since February, and they seem to be helping a ton! But for the last month Taj has been sick. We tried chicken and rice, but it wasn’t helping. Hence the appointment. Taj hates waiting – like me 8). I have yet to understand the hold up at Dr’s and Vet’s offices. If I make an appointment – I want to be seen at that time. But anyways. Taj gets very anxious when waiting – he eventually gives up and just lays there, but the first 10 minutes are the hardest trying to get him to calm down.

Now when we get into the actual examination room, Taj’s anxiety hits a new height. He knows he’s about to get prodded and he hides. Seriously! YOu think I am kidding.
Taj hides his head under the chairs sitting in the room. As if that actually conceals his self. It is pretty funny, and I wish I had gotten a picture of that today.
I think he’s pretty happy that is over with. He’s sleeping now 8P. Finally some relaxation time!


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