HOLY kickboxing!

10 Jun

I mentioned in my last post that I went to my first LA Boxing class on Monday.  The first class(kickboxing) was pretty good, but not overly challenging.  Don’t let that last comment fool you – I was dying in that first class.  Since Monday I have been to 2 other kickboxing classes, and in total  I have had 3 different instructors.  My 2nd class was the hardest, the teacher was pushing you every minute of the 60 minutes and I wanted to die.  Although I am complaining now, I actually do like to be sore.  As bizarre as that may sound, I like to feel like a had a workout, and for me that is to feel SORE – like overly sore.  Let me explain to you what I want to feel, on Thursday, after my 2nd workout, I could barely move my arms.  I had to stretch out my shoulders every hour or so – painful.  I imagine I will have even less mobility tomorrow, as my 3rd class this morning was pretty crucial.  Although these are kickboxing classes, we do very little leg work( I will need supplement this with my jog/walk).   Most of the workout is focused on arms – punching bags, doing push-ups.. OMG.. freaking push-ups how I loathe thee.  My knees are bruised from my 2nd class because I am lame and have to do a series of push-ups on my knees.  I can do a few regular ones, but after the first like 3 I am on my knees.  The push-ups in this class are harder also because we are usually doing them with gloves on our hands.

Speaking of gloves.  I got these awesome hot pink/ bubble gum colored gloves a la Amazon.com, my go to for anything I need in life.

I have to say I was not always a huge fan of pink, but as I have gotten older I have become more open to the color.  These gloves though are loud, they screen I LOVE PINK!  Which I don’t think I do, and I felt pretty uncomfortable breaking them out the first day.  Thankfully though, my dear friend Candi showed up to class the day I had to break them out, so it made it less awkward 8).. not sure how, but I had a little bit more confidence.

I’ll have to snap a pic of me in my hot gloves.  I told DH i’m gonna be the next sugar ray.. haha.  I actually do like punching the bag – it releases a lot of stress, and I don’t think it’d be horrible to actually box someone.  We’ll see if I get to a point where I can. I still need to attend a boxing class – hopefully next  week.
So I have this LA Boxing membership till October and I figured to make it worth my money I need to attend 3-4 class a week.  I don’t think this should be problematic as you can attend any of there multiple offerings, and as many classes as you’d like.  One woman I met was doing 2 classes a day!?!! One in the morning and one in the afternoon – crazy.. too much for me.

The overall goal is to get back into shape as you know.  I am hoping by the time my brother visits me – whenever that freaking is (he says beginning of July right now), I will be at least 5 pounds closer to my goal weight – if not more.  Goal is to lose 10 pounds right now, so that would be 1/2 way there!

Wish me luck 8)!


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