7 Jun

I know i’ve been MIA, but I am planning to get back into blogging.  Since the last time I posted I have been doing a ton of blog-worthy stuff, just no posting 8(.  So what have I been up to?  Well if you look at  my 101 in 1001 list page – you will see that I have been working on my goals.

Yesterday I attended my first LA boxing class, and it definitely kicked my ass.  I am planning to go again tomorrow morning – that is, if my accounting class tonight doesn’t drive me crazy.  It would also be nice if my class let out at 9PM instead of 10PM – but I think it will be 10.. blah.

I also finished decorating my living room for the most part… We have lived in our house for almost 3 years, and its taken us this long to put something together.  Mostly because we have two different styles, and we both have a hard time envisioning how something would look in the house – DH has a harder time with this then I do.  But getting the room together was something we both wanted to accomplish last month.

To start, I tried to put together some mood boards, which I did post on here, but without much explanation.  The hardest part was deciding on a couch.  We wanted something that was good quality but also doggy-hair proof.  Our previous couches were some type of microfiber, which is supposed to be good for pet hair – but we found ours not so much.  Hair would cling to it.  I decided doggy friendly materials were limited, but thought that a fabric sofa might hold up better.  I found a couch at crate and barrel which I loved.. the hennessey sofa in the terra color.  I loved the style and the color.  The reviews though, on the quality were horrible.  So we kept looking.  DH liked something at one of the many furniture stores, but I wasn’t so sure.  We returned a second time to the same furniture store, and ended up buying DH’s choice.  It was our favorite of the many we had seen.

The couch wasn’t the hardest part – the color scheme was harder.  I normally like warmer colors, but my mood boards told a different story.. one of blues and greens.  The couch actually came with some accent pillows which had the same colors.  But I was still determined to add some warmer elements to the room.  My next goal was to find some accent chairs with some fun colors that popped.  I couldn’t find any – well within a decent price range that I loved.  The accent chair we already had was very neutral.

While looking for the chairs, I was also looking for a rug.  We tried a 5*8 but it wasn’t large enough, and it was a rug we both liked – but of course it didn’t come in a larger size.  So the rug-hunt continued, until I fell in love with this beauty from west elm:

Andalusia Rug

OMG, it was love at first sight.. but the price.. ooo, i would have been happier if it was about $100 cheaper.  I bit the bullet and purchased the rug.. side not – did you know if you call west elm they actually offer some things at 20% off the regular price, its only for call-in customers.. craziness!  of course the rug wasn’t 20% off, but I got a crazy large mirror for the living room at a discount.. score!

Before the room was blah.. granted the pics posted were taken either late at night or early morning, when there was no sun, so the room looks drab.  And there are sofa cushions missing, thanks to our furbaby – Taj who decided to tear them apart one day – hence the new couch.

So DH wasn’t in love with the rug before the purchase, and even now, not so much.  But I think it really makes the room.


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