Baking throwdown

8 Apr

A few weeks ago, I helped plan a banana bread throw-down at work.  Participants included people from my team and myself.  We had about 6 entrants – including some banana bread muffins with cream cheese frosting (not shown below).

banana nut bread throw-down

My entry was #1, and I won!  The throw-down was so much fun.  Everyone had a great time participating, taste-testing, and voting.  We’ve decided to do another throw-down in a few weeks.  This time with brownies!  mmm.. I am so excited.  I’ve already found 2 new recipes I want to try, as well as 1 recipe I’ve used before.  I think I may have at 2 entries, if time permits.

I am in a baking mood.  I also plan on baking for a bridal shower next weekend, some cupcakes, and maybe some brownies for practice.  I love to bake.. sometimes I wish I could just bake, but my baking isn’t always consistent, which could be a problem, esp if I wanted to change this into a career.  I also just recently stopped using boxed ‘kits’ and started making things from scratch, which I must say – it is more fun.    With all this baking – I feel like I need a new tool or two to help me perfect my craft.  I have been eying this kitchen-aid stand mixer.  I can’t bring myself to spend $270 though.. an alternative I guess would be just a regular hand mixer.  We’ll see how my baking practice goes, before I invest any money into new tools.  I’ll try to post pics next week of my bridal shower creations.


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