#56 go a month without retail shopping for myself.

4 Apr

In my last post I mentioned how I spent time cleaning out our closets.  I cleared out a bunch of space, and now can actually see all my clothes.  I got rid of a ton of stuff I will never wear again!  It is amazing how much I have kept over the years.  The top contributing factor to my closet mayhem, is my incessant need to shop.  Thanks to the internet – and my ADD at work, I often find myself perusing my favorite shops online, and shopping – spending entirely too much money.  I pat myself on the back most of the time too, because I refuse to buy anything unless I have a coupon – and I hate paying s/h fees, so I try to avoid them at all costs.  Therefore, I am buying stuff I probably don’t need, but I am using the coupons so its all worthwhile, right?  Probably not, and I should most likely stop.  Therefore I am testing myself, by not shopping for the month of April.  This only counts for the purchases I make for myself.  This will definately be a test of my willpower.  Now that its finally getting warmer, and all the fun new spring dresses are coming out, it is my ideal time to shop – but I will just have to wait till May.. It can’t be that bad, right?

P.S.  I am on week 6 of 9 for Couch-to-5k.. I’ll be done this month, wish me luck 8).


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