Closet Inspiration

25 Mar

I need to figure out a way to organize my closet, without spending 3k for this baby.  Our closet already has a series of shelves, and is shaped very similar to this, maybe slightly narrower.  But the light inside is gross, and its in need of some extreme organization.  Last night I went through and removed all clothes we don’t wear anymore.  We had a ton, my husband still had jeans from high-school in there!  Granted I have a ton of clothes from high-school/ college that I probably will never wear again.  I still need to do some further sorting, before the real organization takes place, but we have a good start.  I’m tempted to try to figure out a way to move some of our shelves so they look more like this, but what we have may have to do.  This weekend the main things I want to do, in the series that is always flowing through my head..

1. Further sort out master bedroom closet, and extra bedroom closet

2. Take my drycleaning to the cleaners

3. Take donations to salvation army

4. figure out a better lighting solution, maybe a color scheme for closet.



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