It’s Spring Break!

17 Mar

Today officially marks my first day of spring break.  I don’t remember being this excited since high-school.  I am sure it was exciting in college also, but it doesn’t stand out that way in my mind.  I took a midterm last night, and was so happy to be done.  I am off for about 1.5 weeks and have so much I want to do.  I need to do some personal grooming, like getting a haircut, and treating myself to a pedicure!  I also have some house stuff I want to knock off my list.  I have some new plans I’ve been drumming up in my head, especially after I saw this beauty on YHL.  I actually plan on stopping by my local Hobby Lobby on my way home today to see what they have available.  I have been looking for art to put over my headboard, but can’t figure out what I want to put up, and after seeing this, I thought it might be the perfect piece.  I also have to pick up some pressies for babies and baby showers.  We have lots of events planned in the next couple of weeks, should be exciting, and hopefully some good SLR practice.


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