10 Mar

I blogged earlier this week about receiving some extra mula from work.  Well I get that monies tomorrow.  It’s pretty substantial and I am excited that I don’t need to put it toward paying off my wedding or anything.  We don’t really have a need for anything either.  So I did reward myself with some online shopping at Ann Taylor Loft – one of my fav go-to places.  I got some cute dresses for my trip to Tampa next weekend (Spring Break, Woot!).
So I did spend some money on the shopping, but what to do with the rest.  I decided I wanted to start investing in the stock market – granted I don’t really know how to yet, but it can’t be that hard – right?  Well my mom who is pretty good at it (as in she makes some good moneys from investing) tried to show me some tips.  But the key seems to be doing your research, and setting targets for when you will sell or buy, and your investment goal.  So initially I think I am going to aim to make a few hundred.  We’ll see how that goes, and then maybe raise that to 1k – eventually.  So my plan is to take half my bonus money and put it towards investing.  The other half I will keep safely in my savings account – which is barely gaining any interest, but at least it will be there for emergency’s.  Anyone have any good investing tips?  I have a book by Jim Kramer at home, I will probably glance at that and see what tips he might have.  I have heard mixed reviews about him and his analysis’, so I will be cautious, but it can’t hurt to get some advice.


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