Last week was awesome!

8 Mar

Last week started off as any normal week.  And I figured it would stay that way.  You know same work crap, same class crap.  Same old.  But I worked-out a few times last week and I was feeling great.  Then Thursday came around and DH surprised me with a gift.. a Nook Color – so sweet of him.  Although I haven’t had much time to play with it, I am supremely excited.  I wish I could get text books on there.. maybe I can- I have no idea 8).  Then Friday came, and I had my 2010 Performance Review, which I didn’t dread, but I wasn’t excited about sitting in.  It turned out to be great.  My manager was impressed with my work, and I was awarded well.  So no complaints there, show me the mula!  Saturday turned out to be great also, I went to the gym(yay, pts for me), and then attempted to do some studying for my Marketing final.  Hubby wanted to celebrate my performance review, so I decided we should go check out Rays Hell-Burger in Arlington.  I got a Mack Burger, which seemed to be essentially a cheeseburger with their special “Heck” Sauce, and a chocolate milk shake.  DH and I shared some fries.  It was good, not amazing.  My chocolate shake was the best part 8).  I still enjoyed the outing.  The weather was nice, so DH and I sat outside, which I love to do – when the weather is right.  So all in all – great week, I couldn’t have asked for anything better 8).


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