preparing for vacation

16 Feb

DH and I are leaving for vacation in a couple days.  You can read about our destination in my previous post a couple weeks ago, but we are going to Cancun – to get away, celebrate DH’s birthday, and just have some fun.  Sop one of my goals was to lose some weight before going on vacation.  Which I did, but not my magic number of 10 pounds.. Not sure how realistic this number was to begin with anyhow.  I also mentioned that I bought a couple of new bathing suits from VS.. Lets just say those are going back.   I decided I just didn’t like the fit.  I found one i did like at Nordstrom last week.  It is be Evan Picone(I think that’s right, i will correct later)… I decided about a week ago that I wanted a plain black bathing suit.  I always thought the plain white suits and plan black suits looked too much like daily underwear, but the other morning when I was getting dressed, I had some cute black undies on with a black camisole and I felt pretty damn sexy, and this is when I decided that the bathing suit I took with me to Cancun must be black!

I probably won’t have time to blog before we leave, but I hope to take lotsa pics 8), I will post the approved (by DH) on here to share with you guys 8).



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