#89 give a gift to a friend for no reason

4 Feb

One of my besties is going through a very emotional period in her life right now. She suffered a great loss towards the end of last year, and hasn’t been the same since. My friend Candi – you can read her blog here, gave me the idea of completing this goal by sending this friend a gift. I thought this was a great idea. We definitely want to show our friend that we love and support her. What better way to do that, then buy her a gift. I originally thought to buy her a nice journal with inspirational quotes inside, but then when I saw these, see pic below, I thought that this would be better.

i love you stones

i love you stones from redenvelope

I got these along with some chocolate-covered oreos. She should get them by next week. DH says that these are too romantic, but I disagree. I think they will be great reminders that our friend is loved! I can’t wait till she gets them, and I hope she loves them! The other great thing was that RueLaLa had a $15 for $30 promotion code, which I was able to use towards this gift. Score! Saving and Loving at the same time 8)


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