I’m not hungry.. i just wan’t to eat!

2 Feb

Last night, I was waiting for my dinner to cook in the oven, and attempting to finish up reading a chapter for class. Now, I wasn’t even hungry. I have this bad habit of envisioning what I am going to eat for the next meal. So I was thinking after I ate my lasagna, I would eat some cookies, with a 1/2 cup of milk.. Yes I thought about my portion also – not sure if thats good or bad – but we’ll go with good. I planned to only eat two cookies – as 2 cookies are 3 WW points. So I am waiting for my lasagna.. and decided I wanted to eat my 2 cookies right then.. Well I ended up eating 5! 5 freaking cookies. Talk about self-control. Goodness.
And the problem continues..
As I said in a previous post, I’ve been planning my meals ahead, and so I have meals and snacks pretty much figured out for the week. I packed my string cheese, strawberries, and 2 cookies today. Well its 9:42 AM and I’ve already eaten my cookies, my string cheese, and I even ripped off a piece of naan that was going to be a part of my lunch. Maybe the problem is that my snacks sit on my desk. I should probably put them in the kitchen, so they aren’t staring me in the face. That’s definitely a fix I can do easily. The cookies at home though.. that’s another story. Normally I am very occupied, so maybe my problem yesterday was that I just had too much free time, while waiting for my lasagna, and waiting for DH, and my book wasn’t enough to occupy me. Or, maybe I can blame it on Aunt Flo. Either way, this has got to stop. I will update in a future post.


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