101 goals.. oh my!

25 Jan

Now that I have 101 goals – I am still reviewing them, and I plan to have a final copy by this Sunday – but where do I start.. There is so much to accomplish 8).  Luckily there are some that are continuing goals which will last the entire 1001 days, such as working out 3 times a week.  I plan to keep myself motivated and accountable by tracking my progress through Nike+ (when I actually run) and through the calendar on EA Active. – I am more worried about the other goals though, do I tackle them one at a time.. a few at a time?  Is 1001 days actually enough?? I am a procrastinator at heart, although I’d probably deny being one.. given the choice I would spend my days laying in bed watching TV.. occasionally getting up to do something productive.   How will I keep myself motivated during this 1001 days?  Thats where I hope this blog will come in handy.  Hopefully by seeing my list and goals I have been able to accomplish, I can keep myself motivated.


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