My baby is allergic to the WORLD!

19 Jan


My furbaby that is…..



I love Taj, probably as much as I’d love my own child if I had one, maybe even more 8).  He annoys me, but he’s such a teddy bear.  Taj is about 2.5 years, he’ll be 3 in May 8(.  About a year ago, when DH and I got back from our honeymoon, we noticed Taj was licking himself more than we’d like.  He also had some other tummy issues, but that’s a whole different story.  After ignoring the problems for a couple days, I finally sucked it up and drove him down to the vet.  The vet informed us of his various conditions, and of course  – he had an ear infection.  She asked if we had ever considered giving him an allergy test, because all of his symptoms pointed to allergies – mostly food.  We hadn’t considered that.. she told us they could administer a test that day – for a nominal fee of course.  I hate the vet!  I always walk out of there not really understanding what they told me and spending an insane amount of money.  I have to take their word on everything, because I don’t know any better – so frustrating.  So we did the test.  Got the results back a week later, and this boy was allergic to the WORLD.  Things dogs shouldn’t be allergic to, like beef and lamb, potatoes, peanut butter, milk.  You name it, Taj was probably allergic.  Bewildered, we did a major overhaul on his diet.

Fast forward almost 1.5 years later.  Same freaking issues.  Not as many ear infections, but same licking, scratching.  He licks his paws incessently.  It annoys the crap out of me.  I have tried different creams, cleaning his feet, soaking them in oatmeal, giving him fish oil.  But, to no avail.  About 6 months ago our vet said we should look into allergy shots.  This is something we have dreaded.  I didn’t know much about the shots, but after some research, I felt fairly confident that this was the next best step.  We made an appointment with Dr. Jeffers in Gaithersburg, MD – he was booked for almost 3 months!  He’s supposed to be great.  Dr. Jeffers does a skin prick test for allergies, instead of a blood test that our Vet did.  We met Dr. Jeffers this morning, he said that Taj’s symptoms were ‘classic lab’.  Dr. Jeffers looked Taj over, gave me an explanation about the treatment, and asked me to come back in 45 minutes.  8(, I didn’t want to leave Taji, but I knew it was for the best.  So I went to Home Depot, but I’ll leave that adventure for another post.  45 minutes later, I came back to get my boy.  He had been sedated to do the allergy test, so was definitely out of it.  We got a lovely goody bag.


Taj's Allergy Shots and Medicine

So the shots will need to be administered for his entire life, which makes me sad.  But it has to be better than his licking and scratching all the time, which also makes me sad.  I hope that this offers him relief, and he will be a happier boy!  The shots are easy to give, so thats good.



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