Officially started my 1001 days

17 Jan

I finally sat and looked through my 1001 goals and made a decision to start yesterday.  I am so excited to finally start.  I can’t wait to blog about my progress and check goals off my list!  My new finish date is:  10/13/2013.  Seems like plenty of time.  But I know time will fly by, and before you know it 2013 will be here.

I have some daily and weekly goals I am trying to achieve.  The great thing with most of these is that I have graphs and charts that I can post on here to keep myself accountable.  I will be working out 3 times a week which I will track via my Nike mobile app, EA Active for Playstation, and maybe a few other e-challenges like 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups.  For photo 365 I plan on posting pics on a seperate tab on my blog.  My previous goal was to take these pictures – all with my rebel to get practice, but thats just not realistic.  I am in school part-time and I do not/ cannot really carry my rebel everywhere.  I do however have my iphone camera – and will occasionally have my Samsung as well.  The idea behing photo 365 is to take pictures that mean something to you, and document a year.  Here is a great site to learn more about Photo 365:

Mood today: happy – I lost another 1.6 lbs!


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