We are going to Cancun!

13 Jan

My hubby’s birthday is in February and we had been thinking about planning a trip to celebrate.  Normally we spend a ton of money getting a table at a club, but hubby has decided he is growing out of the clubbing phase.  Hence, our trip to Cancun.  It is so exciting.  Unfortunately I have already been to Cancun, so this doesn’t help with my goal of going to a new country.  Hubby though hasn’t been.  So I just ordered some new bathing suits, because the one new one I got last year for our honeymoon decided to break.  There was some cheap loop holding the top part together that cracked.  I can probably try to have it fixed, but what fun is that.  So I actually ordered two new ones from Victoria’s Secret.  One was on clearance, so I don’t feel too bad.  I just hope I can feel confident to prance around in them.  I also ordered two new cover-ups which will come in handy in case I don’t feel confident.

The one good thing about all this, besides going on vacation, is it is motivation to keep working out and even start running.  Now only if I could get home and it still be light out.  I am working from home tomorrow, so among the other things on the list, maybe I can go for a nice afternoon jog to start my from ‘Coach to 5k’ workout.

This week has been horrible food wise – I have already used up all my points plus – points for the week!  Thankfully its already Thursday, but I am definitely going to make sure I try to work out the new few days – maybe even multiple times.

Definitely looking forward to some fun in the sun 8).


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