training hiccups

29 Jan

I haven’t post in at least 1 week, and mostly because I was sad!  2 weeks ago I went for a long run with my running buddies, and the next day my hip was hurting. It was more in my butt.. but whatever.  It hurt to even walk.  With an upcoming race, I was freaking out.  I know I wasn’t in top training shape, but I knew I could run this race.  

2 weeks later and I still have no idea what caused the pain.  I saw a general doctor and an orthopedic surgeon.  X-rays came back normal, and the pain for the most part has slowly dissipated.  So the medical advice I received was to continue running unless I felt pain, but that whatever the issue is should go away on its own.  Thanks DOC.. really scientific.  

So with my half marathon this upcoming weekend, the longest distance I’ve run in preparation is 8.5! And that was 2 weeks ago.. bah.  I ran 6 miles this past Sunday.  Felt good, no pain.  I plan on running another 5 tonight, before a cool down 3 on Thursday.

My goals for this race now, are just to finish.  Its flat, which is going to be a life saver.  My current plan is to run 6-4-3.  Stop in between and STRETCH.  If I’m feeling incredible on Sunday then maybe I’ll stray from plan, but here’s to hoping this plan even works.

None the less, i’m excited.  There’s always another race, and I already have the half planned in April.


running for a cause

18 Jan

I am raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society through the Team in Training program and will be running in DC’s Nike Women’s Half in April.  I need to raise $1800 for participation in the team in training program so I set a personal goal of raising $2000.  Check out my page here.

So why am I doing this?


I think a lot of people do this for the training you get from Team in training.  They provide coaches, mentors for participants, and team long runs.  And although I did run a 1/2 mary last year, I could still use some coaching.  I would like to improve my overall pace, and I am hoping training with this group will help me achieve this.

Making New Friends

I made some great friends running last year, but they all live north of me.  I don’t mind driving the 40 mins to meet with them, but no more than once a week.  I would like to find some more local friends to run with on a more consistant basis.

Good Cause

This is a great cause.  I actually looked into raising money for team in training a few years ago.  The amount of money they wanted me to raise though was intimidating and at that point running more than a mile terrified me.  So now that i’ve gotten over the running hump – I know I can do the distance, I definitely wanted to participate in the program.

Nike Marathon

So why the Nike Women’s half in DC?  Cuz i’ve heard great things about the NIke races, from the organization of the races, to the perks.

So now on to the biggest commitment of all this – the fundraising!

Fundraising $2000 is CRAZY – said DH.

But people do it all the time.. If they can do it, so can I right?  Well when I started in November of last year – I started by posting on Facebook thinking I’d get at least one hit.  I got NADA!

Then I started some email campaigns.  To my family distribution list, and then to my friends.  To date i’ve raised about 30% of my goal.

What’s worked so far:

  • Give me $5 email campaign..i sent emails asking friends and co-workers for just $5 and they always gave a little more.  Telling people to skip on their coffee for the day and instead donate that money to LLS…

And thats my only major success.

I am also planning a bake sale in front of a local gym, a brownie bake-off at work where I have volunteers baking brownies and competing for the best brownies.. co-workers will pay $3 to taste each brownie and then vote on their favorite, and a wine championship– similar to the brownie bake-off, but this time each participant will bring a bottle of wine and pay$10 entry fee.  The winner will get 1/2 of the entry fee, and the other half will go to my fundraising.

I wanted to get to 50% before the official season kick-off which happens 2/2, and that goal is insight!!

Feel free to checkout my fundraising page and maybe donate a few dollars 8).

its too cold to go out, so lets eat

16 Jan

its cold out.  so i like to stay inside which normally involves me staying in bed all day.  that is until i make my way in to the kitchen.  i decided to work from home today, which gives me tons of time for my meals.  So i decided to try a new pancake recipe.  When I went to visit my brother in Seattle last November we found this diner we absolutely loved.. we went there twice during my 4 day trip.  Both times I had the pancake special – one day they had ricotta pancakes and the 2nd time cottage cheese!  Who would have known that ricotta or cottage cheese would make amazing pancakes, but they do.. they make magical fluffy melt in your mouth pancakes.

I had some cottage cheese hanging out in the fridge.. i bought it thinking it was healthy and i’d eat it.. but the one day i tried i barely got through 1/2 my serving.  So I decided to try making a pancake this morning.  I had extra time so I figured if I failed, I could always whip up something else.

But it was amazing.  I only wish I had made more than 1.20130116-124553.jpg


I used this recipe from all recipes:

and just adjusted the servings to 1.  I was a bit skeptical since I wasn’t adding any vanilla or cinnamon.. I just didn’t think it would be sweet.  I drilled the pancake with a little bit of maple syrup.

Then i got back in my BED.

For lunch I decided on some spinach quesadillas.  But I also had an avocado, so I made some quick guacamole and had that with chips.

Then I had my quesadilla, for which I followed this recipe:

and I only used 1/2 tbs of oil.  This was my 2nd time making them and they were again delicious.

And then because I hadn’t already eaten enough, I got a little bowl of ice cream topped with mini chocolate chips.

I am telling you the cold weather is a problem for me, I had to remove myself from the kitchen to stop eating.

Now I am back in my bed, enjoying a hot cup of tea.

Pearly whites

14 Jan

I need to take a minute to thank my mom for my pearly whites. I don’t like to admit this, but I don’t take the best care of my teeth. As in I hardly floss, and I should probably brush more often. But I went to the dentist today for my 6month cleaning appt, and no issues.

The dentist said everything looked great, and probably because I have good enamel. Well thats awesome. Thanks mom 8).


For dinner tonight, I got some pre-made crab cakes from Wegmans.. These are a favorite for us, and an uber easy meal. Of course I tried to add some veggies to round out the meal. I roasted some brussel sprouts (for me), potatoes, and sweet potatoes (again for me). The sweet potatoes are more so for snacks this week.


MMm nice and colorful.

I still have a ton of regular potatoes left over after dinner, and I already plan on enjoying them with some ketchup and scrambled eggs in the near future..YES!

So did you guys know that JT (Justin Timberlake) was coming out with a new song?? And have you heard it? It’s called Suit and Tie.

I was super excited.. cuz well its Justin, but the song was so so for me.

shake shack!

13 Jan

Yesterday, hubs and I went to Shake Shack in Dupont Circle. Hubby LOVES this place. I like it too, but I could probably do without it. It’a also not very cheap.. our total meal cost about $25.

20130113-150325.jpgI got a single Shake Shack burger with their secret sauce, and hubs got a double. The secret sauce they use is amazing! It gives the burger so much flavor. I probably should save myself the money and figure out a recipe for the sauce.

We both got a side of fries and shared a chocolate milkshake. Hubs said the milkshake was too chocolatey .. and I am still trying to understand how that is a bad thing.

The lunch was delicious!


Goodbye for now Shake Shack.. we’ll be back in 6 months.
Looking at these pics is making me hungry. blah


goodbye Edison!

12 Jan

Do you watch Scandal? If you don’t you should start now. This show is great. I even got hubby into it. The show is on its 2nd season, Hubby and I watched the full first season the week before Christmas, and kept watching back to back till we got caught up.

My favorite part of the show is the forbidden love between President Fitz and Olivia. What is it about forbidden love?
scandal 2
I mean look at them! OoO it melts my heart.

Well I finally watched this past weeks episode and the Olivia finally said goodbye to Edison. FINALLY, I mean they weren’t together that long, but he was getting in the way and I didn’t like his arrogance. So goodbye Edison, I hope I don’t see you as much on the show anymore.
scandal 1

Enough of that.

Today I met up with some friends for a long morning run. My friend Katie and I had planned 8.5 miles. We are both running the 1/2 in Cali in a few weeks and are running out of training time. So we thought 8.5 this week and then 10 next week before a final long run of 8.

10 miles is the most I ran before the Baltimore half, so I feel that is a good distance before this next race. Today’s run was hilly? And my legs were not happy. Serves me right for not running all week! I did 3 dreaded treadmill miles on Thursday – but that wasn’t nearly enough.

Winter training sucks! I am trying to figure out ways to get an outside run in while its light out. I definitely will work something out for next week. My plan is to get 15 miles in before the 10 on Saturday.

We have strangely warm weather today in DC, but it was still in the 40’s, so I wore my UA coldgear top and some new brooks running tights but I was overdressed and super warm after the first few miles. I am still trying to figure out what I will wear in Cali. It looks like the weather will be in the 40’s in the morning so if it’s like today, I know to wear layers that I can peal off.

Hubby and I are headed to Shake Shack later. He loves that place, but I know its horrible for you so we only go every once in awhile. He wanted to go soon, and I told him well I guess I can go today since I am planning for an 8.5 mile run 8).. I’ll feel better about stuffing my face.

Bro leaving and blog eats

10 Jan

My brother who’s been in town for the last few weeks had to finally head back to Seattle 8(. It was nice having him around for awhile. He is planning to move back to the area later this year. I’m really hoping his plans don’t change and he does officially move back. I have fun with him.

Last night DH and I headed to my moms to say our goodbyes. We took a trip to Sweet Frog to enjoy some fro yo.

I’ll miss that kid. But I’ll see him in a few weeks. He’s meeting me in LA to run in the Surf City half.

Today’s eats included many recipes I’ve found on my favorite blogs and I wanted to share them with you. One of the reasons I love reading other’s blogs is to find recipes such as the ones below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I have made the Banana Bread and Sweet Potato wedges multiple times and they are delicious! Great snacks.

Sweet Potato wedges courtesy of Carrots ‘n Cakes

Skinny Veggie Lasagna courtesy of Pinch of Yum

Healthy Banana Bread courtesy of PB Fingers

is 2012 really over?

9 Jan

2012 was a whirlwind year for me.  Even though I feel that at the beginning of each new year.

Looking back on it though, I really do think I’ve accomplished more in the past year, than I have in any previous years.

  • i ran in 9 races last year!  NINE!  including my first half.
  • I completed my masters degree. (After 2.5 LONG years)

Ok, maybe that’s not a lot, but these were major accomplishments for me.  I can’t believe I did that many races.  Especially when I ran my first 5k in October 2011.  I never thought i’d run a half marathon let alone a 5k.

And I finally graduated with my MBA.  I’m glad to be done with papers and studying.

So what’s in store for 2013?

Be Fit- er

Continue improving upon what I’ve already accomplished and don’t fall back on old habits.. which I definitely did over the holidays.

  • More races – I don’t have as many planned as last year (Not YET):
    1. Surf City Half Marathon – February 3rd in CALI!
    2. Cherry Blossom 10 miler – April 7th ( I ran this last year – hoping to blow out my time)
    3. Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC – April 28th ( I am a team in training participant for this one – more on that in a later post).
  • Find more ways to keep myself motivated to stay active.

More family time

I came to realization last year (even though I already spent a lot of time with my family) that family time is super important to me, and when making new decisions I need to keep this mind.  I took a leadership class for my MBA and we had to come up with personal mission statements, this is mine:

My Mission is to live a life full of Joy and delight through continued personal growth,
commitment to my family and finding the good in everything.

I love how this statement came together, I think it definitely fits who I am right now.

Experiencing new things

This is my last year as a twenty something and I want to go out with a bang.  I went to visit my bestie in Florida in December and she took me to a ropes course.  She said she wanted to try something new.  I was up for that.  Normally when I visit her we go to Disney or Universal.  But when we got to the course, I got a little terrified (i remembered my fear of heights).  But I pushed through and ended up having a ton of fun.

Become a more  conscious spender

I spend way too much money and I am not really sure how.  DH showed me a template last year to create a Conscious Spending plan, which I did fill-out last year, but I really need to revisit and start sticking with that.

Blog More

I have been going back and forth with blogging, but this year I really want to invest some time and blog more.

Happy New Year!  Talk to you soon.

I’m back

1 Nov

I took a hiatus from blogging, I guess I ran out of things to say or time.  I have time, I just waste most of it doing useless things.

Some updates on me:

– I ran my first 1/2 marathon!  The Baltimore Half on 10/13 with a pace of 11:14 and a total time of 2:26

– I am in my last semester of my MBA and will be done on 12/18!

– My brother will be home for the holidays so expect lots of good times to be recorded here

– Hubby and I celebrated 3 wonderous years together in Niagara Falls, I do have to say this past year was the best!

– I worked out like crazy all summer and am extremely happy with the weight loss and improvements I’ve seen – but I need to keep finding ways to motivate myself

That’s all I can think of now.  I have some cool stuff coming up and will be posting 8).

Another race

21 Apr

5th race done! Today I ran in the Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore with a good friend. As always I was nervous even though I ran 5 miles last Saturday. The race was completely doable. The weather was gorgeous- but not great weather for running. At the start – 9am. It was 66 degrees. I had a tank on and could already feel my shoulders burning. Maria and I tried to stay together the whole time and really motivated each other to keep going. The course was brutal! The last three miles were hills-One hill after the other. I kept thinking this has to be the last one but it wasn’t. So the first three miles were a breeze, but I wanted to give up after that. Maria who runs these hills often- she actually lives along the route- she killed them. I was very impressed. I let her go forward but tried to keep her in sight.
The first water station should have been rethought. It was in a tight corner and we had to plow our way through. The 2nd station was around mile 4. I quickly grabbed some trying not to stop but to drink it I had to stop. I walked and drank for a few seconds. Then we were off again.
The final hill before the finish was horrible. Steep and long. Slowly but surely I got up there. The finish line was in sight and I gunned it. Maria and I finished within seconds of each other.

Official time: 1:08:07